Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Someone teach me how to knit!

So these are my new favorite toys. Do you ever buy something for your children that is really just for you. I'm sure I won't really play with them. But it was that feeling of , "Mom, please..please..please can I have those!" when I was at my favorite Fashion Island store (This Little Piggy Wears Cotton) in California last month.

I paid a small fortune for them. But they are awesome and the girls really love them.

But now I need my master knitter sister to visit and teach me how to make these perfect little yummies. I bought the ones in the checkered basket. The other set I found on-line.


Nicole said...

These are absolutely adorable!

The Wilhelm Family said...

LOVE THEM...I would love to learn how to make those. Let me know when you figure it out!

Chaela said...

Good words.