Saturday, November 17, 2007

Resent sewing projects

I haven't broken out the pictures, pens and do-dads yet but I have been a sewing machine lately. I thought I would post some pictures of my more resent projects for all to see. So here you go...

I taught 28 sisters how to make these bags for our Enrichment Super Saturday two weeks ago. (why do people that don't sew sign up for a sewing project?????) It didn't go very well. I have since made two more. With excellent advise from my friend Mary I put tissue paper over the vinyl and voila!!! way easier to sew! Thanks Mary.

This is my copycat version of a little thing being sold in stores and on-line called a Taggie. I first saw one at General Conference. My sister-in-law had one for her daughter. I thought they were so cute and easy looking. I finally made one of my own now that I'm expecting a little mouth machine again. I fell in love with the monkey material at a great fabric store near by.