Friday, April 18, 2008

Fabric Beaded Necklace

I found this awesome necklace at Nordstroms while shopping for Easter dresses. I thought to myself, "that looks easy enough." Hoping it would be a fun project to try out with my Mom I stopped by Michaels for supplies and had hi hopes of making my own in Arizona. One quiet afternoon my Mom and I went through her chest of scrap fabrics, picked out some fun scraps and gave it a go. Here are our first attempts.


small wooden balls
approximately 2 1/2 inch wide piece of scrap fabric (long and thin...nothing heavy)
hardware for the clasps at both ends

First we made a know in our fabric.
Then we put in a bead and folded the fabric over itself around the bead.
Holding the fabric in place we made another know and cinched it down as tight as possible over the bead.
Repeat until desired length.
Add on jewelry making hardware.
Trim any frayed ends around beads for a clean look!

Hope yo all like them. Have fun trying them out yourselves!

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